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Virus Services
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Generation of Stable Cell Lines
Establish stable cell lines.   View more
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Recombinant Protein Services
Production of rproteins.    View more
HiGenofect™ Transfection
Simple operation and high efficiency.  

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LentiLit™ Lentiviral
Concentration Solution
High viral recovery and concentration.

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C&M Biolabs™ One Solution
ECL Reagent
A proprietary, unique formulation.

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LentiOptit™ Lentiviral
Packaging Solution
Optimized formulation of plasmid mix.  

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New Products
AVGENE™ AAV Purification Kits
Midipreps, Maxipreps and Megapreps

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AVGENE™ Adenovirus Purification Kits
Midipreps, Maxipreps and Megapreps

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Ultra Purity ― For in vitro and in vivo
High Titer ― >10¹² GC/ml, based on
    viral production
Easy to Use ― Simple steps
No Toxic Compounds Used in the Kits
High Recovery ― Greater than 90%
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