Challenging for high quality AAV preps?  
Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is currently used as a safety viral vector in research and
gene therapy. However, it is difficult to prepare a high purity solution of the virus regardless
how much wanted.

C&M Biolabs has spent several years in addressing the difficulties and recently developed
out a new technology for AAV purification, enabling researchers to make any AAV solutions
in high quality easily and efficiently.

The new technology for AAV purification provides an ideal procedure for preparation
of high purity AAV, either in house in lab settings or in viral manufacturing in gene therapy.   
An ideal technology for AAV purification
The New Technology for AAV Purification
Main features:
A simple procedure saving time
Any volume of preps as needed
Great purity of viral solution
High recovery of viral particles
No cytotoxic compound involved
Application of the New Technology
Resolve issues in AAV purification
C&M Biolabs attempts to apply the new technology to gene therapy to resolve issues in AAV
manufacturing. It is, therefore, aimed to develop the technology-based bioprocess to
manufacture recombinant AAV for clinic use. Research use of the technology is intended to
license out for region-specific distributors. Click the buttons below for more information.
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